The 5 Best Sales Funnel Planner Tools

Let’s talk about sales funnels! They are great—for increasing sales, improving the effectiveness of advertising, and bringing in results. We love a good sales funnel! A good and well-designed sales funnel can have a huge effect on your conversion rates, revenue, and business growth. But, great sales funnels don’t just happen; they need to be planned for success. That is why we have provided the five best sales funnel planner tools. For smooth execution of your next sales funnel, try these tools!

Tool #1:


What is it?

An online program that allows you to create diagrams, flow charts, mockups, and more with ease. The data created on this site is saved using only Google Drive, so the platform is familiar, trustworthy, and versatile. You can also easily share your designs, but the best part is that it is completely free.

Who is it for?

Visually minded people. It really is for anyone looking for an easy way to create a diagram. Their goal as a company is to "provide free, high quality diagramming software for everyone.” But this software works best for people who are visual learners, creators, and workers. This will help you bring your ideas, stats, and information to life and share them with others. blank diagram

Tool #2: Funnelytics


What is it?

Another visualizing tool that is an easy-to-use, personalized program to map out your funnels before you go to create them. You can create a map of everything from the landing page to the thank you email. It is all created to your liking and the software is very user friendly because it is mostly drag-and-drop. An additional benefit of this tool is the possibility to add analytics via UTm variables. This will help you see not only the number of people clicking on your page, but who they are, where they are from, and what they are looking for all with the use of tags and Funnelytics helpful software.

Who is it for?

This tool is for the visualizers and planners. Funnels can be complex and Funnelytics understands that. To find success in your next sales funnel endeavor, use this tool to plan it out before you execute it. Funnelytics is also made for people who want a 2-in-1 tool, who want to be able to track analytics in the same place.

Funnelytics blank funnel planning page

Tool #3: AWW app


What is it?

AWW is an online whiteboard. It contains all the features of a regular whiteboard—drawing, writing, erasing, and more—on an online platform. Therefore, you can collaborate and share ideas easily as well as save your creations to your own portfolio. Mistakes are less permanent and designs are personalized with the AWW application. For $10 a month, you can invite an unlimited number of user to work with you, save as many designs as you like, and create exactly what you imagine on an online platform.

Who is it for?

AWW is designed for the people who like to scribble. It is also made for those who prefer the digital space for creating. The special flexibility of this software appeals to a lot of people, so many creators who want to draw, erase, write, design, erase again utilize AWW for their design process.

AWW App blank board

Tool #4: Evernote


What is it?

Evernote has all of the versatility of a notebook, planner, and journal all online. Evernote provides many different templates for various note needs. You can take meeting notes, plan meals for the week, record information from a lecture, or just start with a blank note. It is easily customizable to your needs and preferences. Notes can be tagged for organization and shared for collaboration. Evernote is free with a basic subscription, but also offers a premium subscription for advanced notebook needs.

Who is it for?

If you love a good outline, then Evernote is for you. This program is for the organizers, the writers, the logistical thinkers, the people who prefer words to images, and, ultimately, the note-takers. It is for people looking for a versatile, straightforward, and accessible online notebook.

Evernote blank note page

Tool #5: Pen + Paper (OneBook!)


What is it?

The last journal you’ll ever need. Commonly unappreciated, the classic pen and paper is a must have for the sales funnel planning process. This journal (also conveniently the product of season 1 of Sixty Day Startup) allows you to plan your day, set goals, and reflect in an aesthetically pleasing and organized space. It also functions well for more creative thinkers because there is a dot grid to just doodle, visualize ideas, and maybe even plan out sales funnels. This journal was specially made to be the perfect place for your planning.

Who is it for?

OneBook is for the tactile type. You can draw, scribble, write, or plan in a physical space. It also provides more than just a bullet journal because it has designated areas for morning plans, nighttime reflections, lists, and schedules. You can see your notes side by side to better visualize the whole picture of your plans. OneBook is for the people who like to hold their ideas in their hands.

onebook journal

In Conclusion…

There are tools for all types of people. The digital space has a lot of options for you to draw, doodle, note, scribble, or plan your next sales funnel. There are also options, like OneBook, for people who prefer tangible ideas. No doubt, you can find the best planning platform for you. The most important thing is that you make a plan so you can measure what works and what doesn't - and then, iterate! Happy funneling!