Build It & They Will Buy - The Best Sales Funnel Software in 2019

In case you haven't noticed, we love sales funnels. They are a straightforward way of turning a potential buyer into a pocketed customer in a few clicks. A well designed sales funnel can make an enormous impact in your business, gaining a large return on your advertisements by increasing sales immensely. Even better—you don't have to have a computer science degree or be a code-slinging savant to build a high-converting sales funnel website. Software exists that will pretty much make it for you! And their different websites and technologies so you can pick the right one to help you and your specific company build a sales funnel. Below we have outlined the pros and cons of each of the best sales funnel softwares out there. Check it out and pick the right one for your sales funnel!




Who is it for?

Their tagline is “where small business come to grow,” so one would assume they are best suited for the tiny and determined startup. Leadpages offers more than just a way to create your sales funnel with its options to make full websites, engage with your client community, and determine quality leads.



  • it is more than just a sales funnel

  • they give real-time tips for conversion optimization

  • they allow unlimited split A/B tests

  • they offer numerous page, alert bar, and popup options


  • it starts with templates, so there is not a lot of room for personalization

  • you can only use one custom domain address

  • their support system can be unresponsive and unhelpful


The Standard subscription is only $25/month, which offers half of the possible features. From there, the cost is $48/month for a Pro subscription and $199/month for the Advanced subscription. As the cost increases, the list of included features increases. They also have a $15/month option for just a website.



Who is it for?

Clickfunnels specifies that they are for entrepreneurs, especially those who are trying to quickly convert “visitors into leads then customers.” They emphasize the ease of their site, so that any business owner can utilize their tools to create a great sales funnel. They are widely appreciated for their effective and easy-to-use software.


  • it is simple

  • it allows you to create a single path for the user to follow

  • after they leave your funnel, you can maintain dialogue with your customer


  • it is simple

  • there are fewer options to personalize than some other software or coding your own sales funnel

  • their website is a bit too extensive, which makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for


For example, the cost of a subscription to Clickfunnels was not explicitly stated on their website. Instead, they hit home the offer of a 14-day free trial upwards of 5 times on their homepage. This is great proof that they know how to make an effective sales funnel!



Who is it for?

This software seems to be made for anyone. Their website appeals to a broad audience by not specifying a specific group their software was made for.



  • they cite 15,000+ brands as happy customers and 650 million conversions

  • they offer “customizable templates with optional JavaScript and CSS”

  • it is easy to share funnel with co-workers or clients


  • it is distinctly more expensive, even for the lowest level subscription

  • there are almost too many features that one can get lost

  • their help center has been called unsupportive


They have three options that increase in cost and features respectively: Essential - $79/month, Premium - $159/month, Enterprise - $399+/month.


Zipify Pages (for Shopify Stores)

Who is it for?

Most obviously, Zipify is for Shopify users, looking to better convert their visitors and advance their website to a successful sales machine. Zipify Pages was made because of the need to catalyze the results of a Shopify site. A business owner hoping to grow their profit and client base should utilize Zipify Pages on their Shopify store.



  • it’s based from real need and has led to real success (just look at Ezra Firestone)

  • it merges your easy-to-create sales funnel with your e-commerce store

  • it is very affordable

  • known for great customer support


  • it is limited to Shopify users

  • the option for a one click upsell, which most companies would like as a part of their successful sales funnel, is an extra cost because it is sold as a separate product

  • it has a bit of an overwhelming dashboard


Zipify offers a Basic subscription and a Plus subscription. The Plus allows for Shopify blog integration, split testing, and a full reporting dashboard. It is all offered for price of $97/month, whereas the Basic subscription is only $67/month.

CartFlows (for WordPress / WooCommerce Stores)


Who is it for?

CartFlows is for users of WordPress or WooCommerce stores. Despite being a newer software, it mostly measures up to the other software made for Shopify stores or other e-commerce sites, offering the same features and creating a great sales funnel. For now, it is one of the only good options for WordPress or WooCommerce users.


  • they allow unlimited upsells or downsells, which cannot be said for all the other software

  • they share analytics of your visitor demographic, their purchases or abandonments, and much more with you so that you can intentionally work to convert

  • eventually, it will offer training for creation of sales funnels, all the features they offer, and much more



  • like Zipify to Shopify, it is limited to WordPress and WooCommerce companies

  • it is not fully developed

  • it has still not released A/B Split Testing as a feature


Whether you like it or not, CartFlows offers one price for everything. It is currently offered at the discounted price of $299/year for the CartFlows Pro subscription.

Samcart (for Other Platforms)


Who is it for?

Samcart is “the first full-featured eCommerce software built exclusively for sellers with one main product.” So there you go. Got a single solid product? Get it sold with Samcart!



  • you can customize your brand by creating a logo, choosing specific colors, and incorporating your own artwork

  • it has a simple look that is appealing to and easy-to-use for visitors

  • it has a straightforward dashboard

  • allows you to offer subscriptions, discounts, or coupons to customers easily


  • it can be difficult to perform A/B Testing

  • they seem to have a limit on the number of upsells you can offer on your sales funnel

  • their sales funnel templates are limited, especially when it comes to payment methods


There are two options outlined on Samcart’s site. You could choose the Pro subscription, which adds up to $99/month that covers most you could need for a good sales funnel. The other option is the $199/month Premium subscription, which adds on professional training and support for a great sales funnel as well as their Subscription Saver feature that allows you to easily recover lost customers. You may also test out both subscriptions with their offer of a free trial period.

What’s the Best Choice for my Sales Funnel?

As stated before, we understand that your company has unique goals and needs. That means your sales funnel and the software you use is your choice. Personally, we are fans of Clickfunnels because of its easy-to-use structure. We love it so much that we used it to create a sales funnel for our 60Day Startup company, OneBook. It was the best option for our purposes. But we have no doubt that all of these softwares offer amazing features and make it easy for you to make a successful sales funnel.

So, choose your software and take that first step towards creating a sales funnel. It will make the process of selling much simpler for your company and the process of buying much easier for your customer. It will change the way you convert, sell, and grow. We promise: if you build it, they WILL buy it!